The Houston Fire Department Continues Replacing Aging Fleet to Provide Better Service to Our Citizens

Stations 4 and 19 have had their aging aerial ladder trucks replaced with brand-new 2021 Spartan ladder trucks.

The brand-new ladders are replacing units that were over 17 years old. The new Spartan ladder trucks are outfitted with a 105-foot, four section steel ladder. They are configured with a unique outrigger design and placement to allow full operational capability on a 12-percent grade (downhill and uphill).

Each ladder is equipped with a best-in-class 750-pound tip load while flowing water. This feature aides in the efficiency of firefighting, allowing members to extinguish the fire and perform rescue operations simultaneously. The new ladder trucks are housed at stations 4 and 19.

HFD has embarked on several strategic initiatives to provide a progressively healthy environment for its members. Fire Chief Sam Peña has spearheaded several health and safety initiatives to increase member well-being.

These ladder trucks further his initiatives and are equipped with optimal occupant protection, including airbags, outboard sensors to prevent rollover accidents, side impact/ejection mitigation, easy-to-clean interior and hearing protection.

A special thanks to the HFD apparatus design and construction committee for their hard work and dedication.

Side view of new HFD Ladder Truck