Mayor Turner’s Comments on Judge’s Ruling That Proposition B is Unconstitutional

All of his remarks concerned a court ruling stating today that Proposition B, the “pay parity” referendum created by the firefighters’ union, is unconstitutional.

Excerpts from Mayor Turner’s remarks:

— “This is a tremendous positive ruling for the city as a whole, for keeping the city on solid financial footing and moving the city forward and quite frankly, it is my hope, pulling the city back together.”

— Firefighters “are deserving of a pay raise that the city can afford. I do look forward to sitting down and talking with them about what would be an acceptable pay raise within the confines of the city’s financial capability.”

— The judge’s ruling revokes Prop B, meaning the city no longer plans to lay off 220 firefighters, 67 fire cadets and 47 municipal workers to cover the costs of paying remaining firefighters 29 percent more on average. Those unaffordable pay hikes were required by Prop B, which came with no funding source.