Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Statement on Reports of Pending ICE Raids in Big Cities

The following is Mayor Sylvester Turner’s statement on reports of pending raids in big cities by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”The city of Houston has not been directly notified by ICE of any plans to conduct mass raids targeting undocumented families. The unconfirmed reports have created a great deal of anxiety for some and it proves once again this country needs comprehensive immigration reform.”

“People deserve certainty in their lives, especially those who have been living in our community and making positive contributions.We are a country that places a high premium on families and we need to be cautious about separating parents from children or uprooting entire families.

“Houston depends on the ingenuity, the sweat and the rich cultural contributions of its immigrants. One of four Houstonians is foreign born and we are the most diverse big city in the U.S. We welcome newcomers of all kinds when they come to our city to work hard and make a home.

“It makes sense, then, that many people in our city are concerned about reports of plans for mass raids against undocumented immigrants across the country. In the larger picture this is another vivid reminder that our national leaders must work together across party lines to fix a broken and dysfunctional immigration system.

“My job starts with the never-ending effort to provide a safe, secure and prosperous environment for every resident of Houston in their places of work, their places of worship, their school, their homes and elsewhere. The city does not try to do ICE’s job, nor does it try to impede ICE. And we will continue to be a city that builds relationships, not walls.”