Houston Fire Department Preparing for Anticipated Severe Weather



HOUSTON – The National Weather Service (NWS) says the Houston area can expect severe weather beginning late Saturday night and through Sunday. Houston Fire Department (HFD) crews, to include Technical Rescue Teams, have been preforming operational readiness checks on all rescue and evacuation boats.  The HFD is monitoring weather as decisions  are being made to supplement staffing if needed.

The Houston Fire Department is asking citizens to stay home Sunday and avoid  roadways. Bad weather such as torrential rain with flash flooding can strike suddenly catching road users off guard. In severe weather conditions, with possible flooding,  it is best to avoid making a journey by road unless absolutely necessary. If driving in such conditions is unavoidable  remember to “Turn Around Don’t Drown®” and avoid high water areas and use alternate routes.

The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management is asking any residents to report flooding or debris in City roadways.  By letting us know, we can get crews out to either help barricade or drain flooded areas, and clear roadways to get traffic moving again.

You can report damage in one of three ways:

  • Call 3-1-1 (713.837-0311)
  • Visit houston311.org and file a report online
  • Download the Houston 311 app for iOS and Android and make the report

Stay Tuned

Harris County Flood Warning System (harriscountyfws.org) –  provides real-time information on rainfall, as well as bayou/stream/creek levels.
Houston Transtar (houstontranstar.org) – Provides real-time information on traffic and high water location.
Houston/Galveston National Weather Service (weather.gov/houston) – Provides forrecasts and weather information for the Houston area.


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