High-rise Incident in Galleria Area

Fire Controlled by Sprinkler System

What:      High -rise incident in Galleria area.

When:     April 2, 2017 at 9:03 a.m.

Where:    2000 West Loop S Houston Tx

Injuries:   No Injuries reported

Damage:  Damage was contained to electrical room by sprinkler system.

Cause:      Under investigation by Houston Arson Bureau

                 Fire Investigators are not available for comment.

Details:   Initial crews reported the presence of ” cold smoke” (process which occurs when the sprinkler head  extinguishes the fire. In addition to the extinguishment, the cooling of the fire actually can cause the creation of carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion. The cold smoke will tend to hug the floor, carrying the products of the fire with it, making visibility difficult).

Houston Fire Department credits a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system in containing the fire to the electrical room.


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