House Fire in The Acres Home Area

WHAT: House Fire

WHEN: February 21, 2022 at 5:46 p.m.

WHERE: 9500 block of Maxroy, 77088

INJURIES: No reported injuries.

PROPERTY SAVED: $65 thousand in estimated property saved.

DAMAGE: $12 thousand in estimated damage.

CAUSE: Unintentional (cooking)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Firefighters from Station 67 arrived on scene within four minutes and found light smoke coming from the side of a small 1-story home. They investigated and found and extinguished a kitchen fire. Crews removed appliances, wall coverings and cabinetry to ensure there was no extension. A fan was used to ventilate the home and salvage operations were completed. The contents were brought outside the home to ensure they did not re-ignite. The power was turned off to the home and the residents were advised to have an electrician inspect and repair any damage prior to turning it back on.