First Daughter Ashley Turner and Council Member Karla Cisneros to Announce the “Love Your Pet” Rescue Selfie Contest Winners

As part of the month-long “Love Your Pet” initiative, Council Member Cisneros held a Rescue Selfie Contest, encouraging pet owners to submit a picture with their spayed or neutered rescue pet. The Rescue Selfie Contest winners will be announced Thursday, February 28 at 11 a.m. in the City Hall Legacy Room, 901 Bagby, 1st floor. Several of the winners will join Cisneros and Turner at the announcement.

Ten winners were selected and will be featured on billboards across the Houston and Harris County area. Clear Channel Outdoor donated the billboards to promote spay and neuter efforts at BARC and the Harris County Animal Shelter.

“Love Your Pet” brought free spay and neuter opportunities and awareness to curb this serious public health, public safety, and quality of life concern facing residents of Houston and Harris County.

More information on “Love Your Pet” can be found at the website.