Fast Food Restaurant Fire in The Greater OST / South Union Area

WHAT: Fast Food Restaurant Fire.

WHEN: July 31, 2022 at 10:44 a.m.

WHERE: 5600 Mykawa Rd. 77033.

INJURIES: No reported injuries.

PROPERTY SAVED: Not available.

DAMAGE: $10,000 in estimated damage.

CAUSE: Unintentional.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Firefighters arrived on scene within four minutes to find people evacuating a fast-food restaurant located inside a grocery store. A fire was found coming from the commercial deep fryer controls and oil tanks. A sprinkler head had been activated as well. The firefighters completed extinguished the fire and shut the sprinkler system off. Although the fire was contained to the appliance, most of the restaurant surfaces and items were damaged or wet. As a precaution, crews turned off most of the circuit breakers. The Health Department was also requested and notified. Firefighters from Stations 26, 35, 46 and 40 responded to this incident.