Apartment Exercise Room Fire in The Astrodome Area

WHAT: Apartment Exercise Room Fire.

WHEN: August 7, 2022 at 3:37 p.m.

WHERE: 7892 Knight Rd, 77054.

INJURIES: No reported injuries.

PROPERTY SAVED: $30,060,000 in estimated property saved.

DAMAGE: $40,000 in estimated damage.

CAUSE: Failure of equipment or heat source.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Firefighters arrived on scene within three minutes with apartment employees informing them the exercise room was on fire. They entered the room and found a sprinkler system keeping the equipment on fire contained. Crews completed extinguishment and ventilated the room. There was no extension of the fire, and the scene was turned over to the property manager. Firefighters from Stations 21 and 33 responded to this incident.