Houston Firefighters Battle 2-11 Warehouse Fire in NW Houston

At 3:59 p.m. HFD crews responded to a warehouse fire at 5811 Dierker in NW Houston.  Upon arrival the fire was upgraded to a 2-11 for more manpower.  One civilian was injured and transported to nearby hospital.  No other injuries reported.  This incident is still active.

Update: Crews with HFD responded to a warehouse fire around 3:49 this afternoon. It happened at International Bearings on Dieker. According to a manager, a supplier was in the process of swapping out a used de-greasing chemical with “fresh” product when the fire started. The worker told the manager while he was transferring the degreaser to another bin his electric pump caught fire. The worker was transported to a hospital with burns to both arms. No word on his condition. No one else was injured. Houston Firefighters worked quickly and efficiently to contain the fire preventing it from spreading to surrounding businesses.