Mayor Turner’s Statement Supporting Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena

“Chief Sam Pena is a person of integrity and a strong leader for the Houston Fire Department.

“Last month, he secured more than $3 million in grant funding to install health and safety equipment in 30 stations to protect firefighters from cancer related hazards. He also recently announced the completion of training for an 80-person Water Strike Team to focus on water-rescue missions. Since Hurricane Harvey, the Houston Fire Department has doubled its water-rescue resources. The department has purchased and received dozens of new boats and vehicles, which will save ┬álives and allow the department to be more effective.

“As I said last month when the Houston fire union announced its intentions to hold a vote of no confidence in┬áChief Pena, he is doing a great job for the Houston Fire Department and an excellent job for the City of Houston.

“What the union is doing is 100 percent political and I am certain that the public will see it for what it is.”