Mayor Turner’s Statement on New 2020 Census Data

August 12, 2021 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Census Data Chart

"The U.S. Census Bureau today released its Census 2020 Redistricting Data Files for all the cities, counties, and metro areas. Houston's 2020 population is 2,304,580, representing an increase of 9.8% (205,129) from the 2010 Census; this is also an increase of 7.5% (145,820) than the previous decade. Of the top 10 largest cities in 2020, Houston had the second-highest population increase by percentage (9.8%) after Phoenix (11.2%).

"It is vitally important that we achieve an accurate count to ensure that Houstonians receive the representation and public resources our City deserves and needs for the next decade.

"The Planning Department is reviewing the information and will provide a breakdown analysis of the data to release to the public. I thank our staff, partners, and stakeholders who worked hard in the face of unprecedented challenges to make sure that every person was counted."