Mayor Turner’s Statement on Anticipated ICE Raids

Statement by Mayor Sylvester Turner:

“The president’s order for concentrated ICE raids against immigrant families in Houston and elsewhere stands against everything we represent as a welcoming city. I do not support raids against innocent people who have come to this country to escape violence in their homeland or have come here to build a better life for their families. As mayor, I stand with all Houstonians regardless of their documentation status.

“In our city where one in four residents is foreign born, I want immigrants to feel safe when accessing city services, especially when they need to call the police to report crimes or visit the Health Department. I have reminded city departments that we will continue offering services to all our residents regardless of who they are, where they are from, or their documentation status. Our job is to keep the city running and maintain public safety in our neighborhoods. Our job is not to be ICE – we do not deport people or break up families.  In fact ICE has not contacted me about the raids in Houston. We are not working or cooperating with ICE on such raids.

“I also remind Houstonians that they are entitled to due process in accordance with the laws of the United States. To that effect, I encourage people to contact the immigrant rights hotline at 1-833-468-4664 for legal assistance.”