Mayor Turner’s Improvements of Trash Services Continue with New Contract

Mayor Sylvester Turner won City Council approval today for experienced disaster relief companies to augment the city’s trash pickup operations while the City Solid Waste Management Department continues to receive new vehicles to replace its aged truck fleet.

The contractors’ crews will work with city forces to collect junk waste and clear illegal dump sites across the city.

“Solid Waste employees have been working long hours six or seven days, often in the dark, to keep up with service schedules,” Mayor Turner said. “With a temporary boost from the contract approved today, and the arrival of new trucks for the city, we are eliminating service delays for residents and reducing unusually high levels of stress on workers as well as on old equipment.”

DRC Emergency Services, LLC and Nola Construction and Development Group, LLC will be paid up to $1.9 million from the city’s fund balance to supplement the city services through December 2019.

Removing illegal dumped material from ditches and roadsides reduces the threats of drainage blockages during hurricane season and disease-carrying pests.

The City has ordered 175 new Solid Waste vehicles, including 90 garbage/recycling trucks, which will replace half of that fleet. Residents should already see the new trucks in their neighborhoods as the additional units are delivered through April 2020.

Since early 2019 the City has leased eight truck and hired 10 driver/pickup crews from outside companies to supplement curbside pickup service while cities around the country have dealt with a shortage of drivers.

“We have appreciated the public’s patience with the arrival of the new fleet, which will improve Solid Waste services,” Mayor Turner said. “Houstonians will continue to see improvements.”