Mayor Announces Interactive Harvey By The Numbers Web Site

Mayor Sylvester Turner announces the launch of the "Harvey By The Numbers" web site that shows where trucks are picking up storm debris, where flood damage was the worst, how many hours volunteers are spending on the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and other information that will be updated periodically if not daily.

"This our latest effort to keep the public informed about what the city has done, is doing and will do as Houston bounces back," the mayor said. "We are all in this together."

The web site is at

Other new features include "heat maps" of where flood damage to homes was concentrated, how much debris has been picked up and moved to landfills, and more. Damage to homes may not initially be noticed, over time weakened areas can become worse, causing problems to the home down the line. An example of this is the roof, water damage from storms can build over time, eventually causing a collapse if not looked at properly. Contacting companies that deal with Roof Repair Florida/Texas/New York, etc. can help with assessing and sorting this out before it is too late.

Another map will show where debris pickup trucks are operating and how many are working in each zone.

Interactive features include an address search in the zones and a convenient way to report the need for debris pickup at a specific address. The address data is used to concentrate pickup activity as well as to document expenses for which the federal government will reimburse the city.

The Harvey by the Numbers site will continue to be updated and improved as more data becomes available. The maps and visualizations were created in partnership between city departments and Jeff Reichman, founder of Sketch City, a non-profit civic technology organization. For additional information, please contact Jesse Bounds, director of the Mayor’s Office of Innovation.

Harvey By The Numbers is an addition to, which has been in operation since the floods and includes information how to register for assistance, how to volunteer, how to donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, how to learn about home repairs; how to deal with unusually high water bills; how to apply for disaster loans and much more.

Also included is a way to sign-up to receive updates by e-mail.

The information is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, French and American Sign Language.