HPD Credits Houston Firefighters for Saving Officer’s Lives

Officials with the Houston Police Department says two Houston firefighters are the reason two police officers are alive today. Firefighters with Engine 28 responded to a car accident with Ambulance 28 on U.S. 59 at Newcastle in Southeast Houston. The ambulance was first HFD unit to arrive on location w/ HPD already on scene. Upon arriving on location, Engine 28 was positioning apparatus to block the scene and before the engine could come to a complete stop, a car was seen passing it on the driver’s side going approximately 75 mph. The car then moved to the far-right lane of the exit onto the shoulder where the ambulance crew and HPD officers were standing. The engine 28 crew witnessed as the vehicle drove, at high rate of speed, into the scene of initial accident where crews were standing. The car impacted the HPDs officers back right passenger door. At the same time of impact, the Engine 28 crew could see 1 person fall over freeway barrier, falling approximately 20 feet onto median of 610 freeway and access road. The ambulance crew was able to avoid impact of incoming car. Engine 28 then assisted the ambulance crew with the care of officer who fell. Sargent E.T Fendia stated he wanted the crew on Ambulance 28(Wesley Pleasant and Fernando Garcia) to be commended for valor awards due to their situational awareness that saved their lives. Police are crediting firefighters who screamed at the officers about the incoming vehicle. They say if it wasn’t for their warning, the officer’s outcomes could have been life-threatening.