HFD Arson Bureau Arrest Suspect Accused of Setting a Home on Fire with a Woman Inside

Investigators say 32-year-old Kyala Morgan used an open flame and an ignitable liquid to set a fire inside a home in the 8000 block of Allwood Street while knowing someone else was inside.

The victim told investigators she got into an argument with Morgan just before the fire. The victim said she managed to push Morgan out of the home and locked the door. That’s when the victim said Morgan yelled she was going to get a gun and shoot her. But instead, the victim stated Morgan sat on the front porch for approximately 5 minutes before she started breaking out windows of the house. The victim said she looked for her phone to call police and noticed the smell of a chemical and smoke.

She also stated when she opened the door to the guest bedroom it was filled with smoke and there was fire at the ground level just under the window.

The victim stated she threw a blanket from the bed over the fire to try and extinguish it but the fire continued to grow and quickly spread throughout the home.

Investigators say while this was going on, the defendant Kyala Morgan, was seen running down the street away from the house. Arson is defined as the willful act of setting a property on fire and can be seen as a felony as well as a misdemeanor. If you find that you have been charged with arson, you might be interested in someone like this philadelphia criminal lawyer that might be able to help you with your case.

Morgan was later arrested by Arson Investigators and charged with first degree felony arson.