City of Houston Municipal Employees Receive 60-Day Layoff Notice

The City of Houston today issued a 60-day notice to lay off 47 municipal employees. The employees who received notice work in the city’s Parks and Recreation, Library, Administration and Regulatory Affairs and Health departments.

Last week, 67 fire cadets received notice they will be laid off in 60 days. On April 17, City Council will vote on layoffs of classified (firefighters) personnel.

The pending firefighter and municipal worker layoffs are directly tied to the City’s implementation of Proposition B.

Prop B came without a funding source as it adds to the city’s bottom-line an annual $80 million to $100 million obligation for firefighter pay raises. At the same time, the city is experiencing a $117 million budget gap, with the cost of Prop B added on top of that.

By law, the city must balance its budget before the start of the next fiscal year, July 1.

Earlier today, Mayor Turner met with Marty Lancton of the firefighters’ association to attempt to reach a phase-in agreement on Prop B. A phase-in would be in the City’s best interests and eliminate or reduce the need for layoffs.

Another meeting is planned for this week.