Building Fire in North Houston

What: Building fire in North Houston

When: Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 6:21 p.m.

Where: 605 Berry Rd., Houston Texas 77022

Injuries: No Injuries reported

Damage: Estimated $6000 in structural damage.

Cause: The cause of the fire was deemed intentional. A child of the residence was playing with heat source.

Details: Firefighters arrived to a fire at a multi-family residence. The locations smoke alarm had been activated and there was light smoke showing. The sprinkler system was activated and extinguished the fire. There was some light water damage from sprinkler systems but the fire being put out was the priority. All occupants were evacuated from the building. The building appeared to be fully up to code with fire exit signage covering every exit for people to leave from. This helped prevent any further loss of life or other potential lamentable situations. The arriving crews acted fast and completed a primary search as soon as possible, and once this was completed and the fire was under control they also confirmed that the fire was extinguished. Arson was dispatched to this incident. This incident was tapped out and deemed under control at 6:33 p.m. No injuries were reported as of now, though this may change in the near future. Property damage was deemed to have occurred. Initial reports believe the fire was intentional, but due to a child having started it further investigation may be required. 10 units responded to this incident to assist with the evacuation and the controlling of the fire on site.