Investigation into Stabbing of Man at 220 Northpoint Drive

Houston police are investigating the stabbing of a man at 220 Northpoint Drive about 8:15 p.m. on January 20.

The victim, Michael Estrada-Perez, 44, was transported to an area hospital in critical, but stable condition.

HPD Major Assaults & Family Violence Division Officer K. Saulsberry reported:

After a male and his girlfriend got into an argument, the male took the girlfriend to her grandmother’s house and returned back to his apartment to watch television.  Some time later, the girlfriend and a family member, Mr. Estrada-Perez, went to the male’s apartment to retrieve some of her belongings.  The girlfriend did not call the male ahead of time because her cellphone battery died.

After not seeing her boyfriend’s vehicle at the complex and assuming he was not home, the female attempted to gain entry to the apartment by climbing through the patio on the second floor.  When she could not access the patio door, Estrada-Perez volunteered and climbed through the patio to allow the female inside the apartment.  At that time, the male, who was watching television in his living room with the lights off, saw a shadow from the patio window.  The male stated he feared for his life, grabbed his work knife and stabbed Estrada-Perez in the left shoulder as he was inside the apartment.  The girlfriend heard the male and Estrada-Perez yelling inside the apartment and she began knocking on the door.  The male opened the door and instructed the girlfriend to call police after he learned he stabbed one of her family members.  The male then provided pressure to Estrada-Perez’s wound until paramedics arrived.  The male, 32, was not injured.  He was questioned and released pending further investigation.

JFC/VHS  1-28-20
Inc #009330720