Investigation into Fatal Shooting at 6863 River Bluff Drive

The fatal shooting of a man at 6863 River Bluff Drive about 11:40 p.m. on Monday (December 10) will be referred to a Harris County grand jury.  

The victim, Drew Conley, 17, was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased.  

The male shooter, 52, was not injured in the incident.  

HPD Homicide Division Sergeants T. Simmons and J. Horn reported:  

Mr. Conley had been living with relatives for about a month when they told him he had to move out of the house.  Prior to Conley’s return, he and his relative (shooter) got into a heated argument over the phone.  

After arriving at the residence to retrieve his belongings, Conley and the relative began arguing again and verbally threatened each other.  The relative went back inside the residence and up to his bedroom.  Conley later went upstairs to the relative’s bedroom to confront him.  Fearing for his safety, the relative shot Conley once in the leg as he approached.  Conley fled from the residence and was transported by private vehicle to a stand-alone emergency room, where he was later pronounced dead.  

The relative remained at the residence and was questioned by investigators.  

VHS/KJS  12-11-18
Inc. #155673618

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